On January 19th of 2011 AHTH founders Abi and Dave Crouch said hello and goodbye to their second son, who was unexpectedly stillborn at 40 weeks gestation.  The day after they left the hospital, they received the gift of a handmade weighted heart that would change the course of their grief and healing.

our heart

In July of 2011, AHTH opened its’ doors and began making and shipping weighted hearts all over the United States.  AHTH was a group effort, and a true mom and pop business.  Almost every heart that was made passed through the Crouch home.  Volunteers helped sew the heart forms, other volunteers helped fill the heart forms and still other volunteers helped package and ship the finished hearts to waiting families who were grieving the loss of a pregnancy or infant.   The Crouch family and their dedicated team of volunteers made and shipped 3500 hearts all over the United States offering hope, help and healing to 3500 grieving families.

After three and a half years, the Crouch family made the very difficult decision to close AHTH to allow them to move into the next part of their grief journey.  To read more about the work that AHTH did, please visit these sites;

 Sacramento Bee
Davis Enterprise
Huffington Post

If you are a recipient, we hope that your heart helped you like ours helped us.  If you were a donor or volunteer, please accept our sincere thanks for your role in offering hope, help and healing to 3500 grieving families.   We wish you peace and love on your grief journey.

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