When will orders open? 
As of December  18th, 2014 AHTH is no longer accepting orders.

I have a problem with my existing order or my heart.  Who can help me?
We will be leaving the account open until January 15, 2015.  If you need assistance with an order that has already shipped, please send us an email.  Our follow up time will be about a week.

When is your next workshop? 
AHTH will not be holding any more workshops.  Thank you to all of our volunteers who have attended workshops in the past.

I love the idea of making hearts for grieving families.  Will you teach me how? 
While AHTH can’t offer lessons, we can share the patterns and some things that we have learned.  Here are some general instructions and information- how to make a heart.  Our small heart is the size we used for early losses through about 20 weeks.  Our medium heart was used for losses between 20 weeks and 32 weeks.  The large heart was used for losses 32-40 weeks.  The extra large heart was used for large full term babies or for infant loss.

What should I use to fill the heart that I need to make?
We recomend pollyfill or rice.

I want to make weighted hearts.   How do I do that? 
After three and a half years of heart making, it is our sincere belief that a heart of any weight will help a grieving family.

When should I give the heart that I made to my friend?
As soon as you can.  Hearts help best if they are given/received shortly after the loss. That being said, a heart might also be a special gift on a due date, birthday or holiday. It is important to families to know that their baby is remembered and giving them a heart is a great way to do that.

What do I say when I give them the heart?
That you made this for their family and that you are so sorry for the loss of their baby(use baby’s name if you know it!).  Then tell them that you hope that this heart will help them on their road to hope and healing.  And that you would love to hear about their baby if they would like to share.

I want to deliver hearts to families who are still in the hospital.  How do I do that?
As the recipient of a heart and the maker of many hundreds of hearts, AHTH strongly believe that hearts are best given when a family has left the hospital.  This allows time for families to begin to process their loss and that time is an important part of the healing process.  AHTH also believe that leaving the hospital with a heart instead of a baby profoundly changes the meaning of the gift.

What will AHTH do with any remaining funds?
Any remaining funds will be donated to Hayden’s Helping Hands the Ruthie Lou Foundation.